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At Ada Tourism we ensure world class service with over 20 years of experience in yacht management and manufacturing. Bringing together our traditions of local hospitality and an appreciation for luxury life style to deliver our clients memorable experiences that will stay with them a lifetime.

With the carefully crafted fine yachts we have been building since 1993, we have put our signature on countless unforgettable experiences. Along with the 2003 launch of our Bodrum based boat yard, ADA Yachtworks, we continue to add new milestones to our breadth of experience in the field of custom built yachting.

We have presented the beautiful scenery of the Bosphorus to the world on board our private yachts, where we accommodated international brands and personas. We pride ourselves on maintaining a policy of transparency in the way we manage and manufacture our yachts. As a company that favours a personalized approach to each project and moves forward with valued input from our clients, we are honoured to have established ties and left a mark both home and abroad.

Today, we continue to let our passion of 22 years shine through on all of our work. The notion of luxury for us is not merely a privilege, but a style of living and we invite you along to share this outstanding journey with us.

Our private tours with Sureyya V provide an opportunity for a tête-à-tête with the grand pieces of the open air museum that is The Bosphorus.

With a distinguished menu and an attentive staff, this 32-metre sail yacht can accommodate group excursions to the Bosphorus' cultural sights during the day or offer a leisurely dinner experience for special guests after hours. Sureyya V is also available for business gatherings and private hire as well as such events as weddings, birthdays, and anniversary celebrations, promising an unforgettable outing whatever the occasion.

Albeit smaller in size, Bebi gives a comfortable boating experience on par with its larger counterpart, Sureyya V. This 19-metre motor yacht offers a chic ambience and a comfortable setting for more intimate gatherings. Its elegant design and lush interiors present an elegant alternative for private and corporate functions, special anniversaries and family excursions.
Istanbul Bosphorus Simple Touring Guide for Historical Places
Ali Vafi Mansion, when it was first built it owned by an Armenian banker, Ali Vafi from Crete bought the mansion in 1915,. Formerly at the mint in the garden is said to have households with water working elevator.
Ortaköy Mosque was built in 1853 by Sultan Abdülmecit. The mosque, which has a very elegant structure with Baroque style. It was placed in a unique location in the Bosphorus
Dolmabahce Palace, extending the Beşiktaş between Kabataş and Bosphorus located on an area of ​​250,000 square meters.
Historic tower with a history dating back to BC for 24 years, was founded on a small island at the junction of the Black Sea with the Marmara.
Beylerbeyi neighbourhood of Istanbul's Üsküdar district, which is located in the years of 1861-1865 by Sultan Abdulaziz in the palace that was built by the architect Sarkis Balyan.
Kuleli Askerî Lisesi, İstanbul Boğazı kıyısında yer alan askeri okul. Okulun amacı Türk Silahlı Kuvvetlerine mevcut subay ve Kara Harp Okuluna kaynak teşkil edecek öğrenci yetiştirmektir. Kaynak Wikipedia
Count Ostrorog Mansion, the beginning of the 19th century. Born in Poland, the legal adviser of the Ottoman Empire Western expert Leon Ostrorog of sharia law purchased here in 1904 .
Khedive Pavilion, a building in Istanbul's Beykoz district. In 1907, the last Khedive of Egypt, Abbas Hilmi Pasha was built by Italian architect Delfo Seminati.
Abraham Paşa, dönemin Osmanlı padişahı Abdülaziz'le dostluk kurmuş ve bir rivayete göre padişahla oynadığı bir tavla oyununda galip gelmesi üzerine bu korunun bulunduğu geniş araziyi kazanmıştır. Wikipedia
Ibrahim Pasha, had formed a friendship with Sultan Abdülaziz of the Ottoman Empire, and according to a rumor, the Sultan played a backgammon game where the winner is gained this vast lands and built this palace.
In a symmetrical structure with interconnecting doors originally. In 1906, Architect Raimondo D'Aranco were build for the Sultan Sara's twin daughters.
Yeniköy Woods's original name "Sait Halim Pasha Protect". Ali Pasha, Governor of Egypt, grandson of Sait Halim Pasha, the Minister of Foreign Affairs used this place.
Mansion purchased by Hacı Ömer Sabancı in 1950, same year the statue of horse made by French sculptor Louis Doumas placed in the garden.
II. Mahmud, Hariciye Nazırı (Dışişleri Bakanı) Mustafa Efendi’nin yalısını pek beğenmiş ve konuyu ortak dostları Said Efendi’ye açmış. Said Efendi arkadaşını ve yalısını korumak için yalının yılanlı olduğunu uydurmuş. Padişahın yalıyı almasını önlemiş ama yalının adı da “Yılanlı Yalı” olarak kalmış. WikiMapia







CAPACITY: Indoor lounge 15 outdoor deck 70 Accommodation: 2 spacious master staterooms. En-suite bathrooms with hot and cold water and shower stall.


MOTOR POWER: Çift Perkins 450 + baş pervaneGENERATOR: Onon 12 kwa

CAPACITY: Yemekli 12, yemeksiz 20 Accommodation: 1 master stateroom, 1 guestroom

Standart Route: With Sureyya V's private Bosphorus tour, you will get a chance to experience Istanbul's famous shoreline and its centuries old legacy in a comfortable and luxurious environment. Sureyya V pulls anchor at Kurucesme to make its way around the Isle of Galatasaray and follows a northbound course along the fantastic Asian coastline. The route offers a splendid vista of the waterfront mansions particular to Istanbul of the Ottoman era as well as long established institutes such as the Kuleli Naval Academy.

The yacht anchors to enjoy a brief rest for dinner service upon arriving at the shores of Beykoz. Following coffee and dessert, the tour carries on a southerly direction along the western bank, providing intimate views of the iconic Equesterian Mansion and the towering fortress of Rumeli, whilst gliding past the picturesque villages of Yenikoy, Emirgan, Bebek and Arnavutkoy, to arrive at Kurucesme as its final destination. The standard tour lasts for approximately 4 hours.

Alternatif Route: The alternative route departs from the coast of Kurucesme and is customisable upon request towards the following destinations: Kurucesme - Prince Islands Kurucesme - Atakoy Marina Kurucesme - Kalamis Marina Kurucesme - Bostanci Pier

Note: Note. Sureyya V has limitations against docking anywhere but at Kurucesme, the piers at the hotels Ciragan and Four Seasons Bosphorus and at marinas at Atakoy and Kalamis. For other destinations where docking is not possible, transfer ashore can be made via speed boat (zodiac) or via transfer to the dedicated boat of the intended establishment. *Mooring fee (namely at either of the marinas or the Prince Islands) lies with the client. *

Bebi's daily route is drawn according to your wishes. Our custom designed motor yacht is able to dock at nearly every pier with a suitable landing area, which means the private tours held on Bebi can be chartered towards any destination you please.

Standard Route: Bebi's mooring location is Bebek, across Koru Kahvesi (cafe). On its standard route, Bebi pulls anchor at Bebek to set a similar course to that of Sureyya V, where she cruises along the Asian coastline to reach an interim rest at Beykoz for dinner service. Then crossing the strait to the European shores, Bebi moves down the historic shores and under the Bogazici Bridge to arrive at Bebek as its final destination.

The standard tour lasts for approximately 4 hours.

Alternative Route:

The alternative route departs from the coast of Bebek and is customisable upon request towards the following destinations: Bebek - Prince Islands Bebek - Atakoy Marina Bebek - Kalamis Marina Bebek - Bostanci Pier

Round-trip hotel and venue transfers we provide:

Reina Nightclub Lacivert Restaurant Korfez Restaurant The Maiden Tower pier Delmare Res Hekimpasa Mansion Sait Halim Pasa Mansion Esma Sultan Mansion Ajia Hotel Ciragan Hotel Four Seasons Hotel Bosphorus

Bebi is available for private swimming cruises and navigates to the secluded shores of Filburnu and Poyrazkoy for this purpose.

Sureyya V
Jan – May
Jun – Sept
Oct – Dec


1.800 €
1.900 €
1.800 €


2.200 €
2.500 €
2.200 €


2.800 €
3.000 €
2.800 €
Full Day Cruise


3.500 €
3.900 €
3.500 €
Night Cruise


2.200 €
2.500 €
2.200 €
2015 Prices
4 Hours
700 €
2 Hours

500 €

(11:00 - 18:00)

1.400 €
Full Day

(24 Hours)

1.900 €
(Professional skipper and crew on board)

*The menu and VAT are not included with the prices*

Catering costs depend on choice of menu by the client Additional operations including live music, private DJ hire, special brand liquor upon demand, decorations, photography and video taping services will be handled by Ada Tourism and can be arranged upon demand at extra charge.

*Mooring fee (namely at either of the marinas or the Prince Islands) lies with the client. *

Added tour rates for the Prince Islands: + 300 € + VAT

Added tour rates for Atakoy Marina: + 300 € + VAT

Added tour rates for Kalamis Marina: + 300 € + VAT

Added tour rates for Bostanci Pier: + 300 € + VAT

Hourly rates for additional time on sea: + 300 € + VAT

Sureyya V is available for private swimming cruises and navigates to the secluded shores of Filburnu and Poyrazkoy for this purpose.




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